When the fabric of previous relationships is torn, one's life can be left in disarray. In the midst of separation, fights might ensue that threaten the emotional well-being of one partner, or even the welfare of children. Our law firm is committed to working for the best interests of the child, and to reach an agreement between former spouses that results in the least amount of emotional and psychological damage. Andy Stewart & Associates, P.C. offers experience with divorce settlements, custody disputes, child support, adoption, juvenile law and other family issues. We understand that such matters are sensitive, even devastating at times, and our conscientious team will work hard to ensure everyone involved walks away with an improved quality of life. Fairness is of utmost importance to us.

The law firm of Andy Stewart and Associates P.C. has extensive knowledge of divorce and family law in Mississippi. When an individual has simply just had enough of a certain situation in their marriage, they have reached out to us for peace of mind and a plan of action.